5 mei '18

WATCH conference 2018


WATCH Society - the independent, International Society for Wearable Technology in Healthcare for and by Medical Professionals is hosting its sixth Conference in Toronto, Canada

WATCH Society - an independent, International Society for and by Medical Professionals is hosting its sixth Conference in Toronto, Canada

Wearable Technology is an industry growing exponentially, aspiring to meet the needs of both health care professionals and patients. Wearables may be powerful, inobtrusive and elegant, offering a variety of solutions for clinical use and patient-related issues. Generated data resulting from use of wearables offer exciting propositions for medical science and patient treatment. Wearables are on the rise, (cl)aiming to revolutionize the Healthcare Industry. It is important that users of Wearable Tech in Healthcare can truly rely on new technology. WATCH really is all about facilitating co-creation, collaboration and scientific scrutinization, helping healthcare to engage in using wearable technology from within the professional viewpoint. 

As with any new technology in Healthcare, co-creation and academic validation is needed -when patient safety is at stake. This Conference is all about real content, collaboration, co-creation ànd scrutinization in order to support successful implementation of Wearables in Healthcare. How to gain support and sustainable embedding for care and cure ? What about privacy of the patient? How to overcome the hype and get sustainable evidence?.

After very successful events in Indianapolis, Amsterdam, Dubai and Palo Alto / Stanford, we would like to invite those professionals developing, researching, and/or working with wearable technology in healthcare to the 6th meeting of the WATCH Society.

This meeting will take place on May 5th 2018 at the Li Ka Shing International Knowledge Institute in Toronto.
The meeting in Toronto will bring together clinicians, engineers and industry partners from North America and Europe. The objective of this closed-door event is to identify clinically-relevant applications of wearable technology in healthcare. 

We aim to induce interactive discussions and generate of ideas for collaborative future projects and produce a roadmap for collaborative research activity in the next 12 months.

Visit http://www.watch-society.com/conference/conference-2018-toronto  for more information