Gerben Bekema (MBA)

Werkgroep inkoop

Projectmanager | Directie Facilitair Bedrijf, Cluster Inkoop

Gerben Bekema

Gerben (1985) has a strong focus on innovative & value based procurement, and is very passionate about improving healthcare from a procurement perspective (outcomes & costs). He is currently working as procurement officer in UMC Utrecht and in Amsterdam UMC. In UMC Utrecht, Gerben acts as the procurement lead for the Nightingale project, where 5 European academic hospitals (Stockholm, London, Leuven, Aachen, Utrecht) challenge industry to develop (in competition) the perfect patient monitoring system of the future. In Amsterdam UMC, he currently acts as interim medical buyer. Also, while working on challenging procurement projects, he recently graduated for his Master of Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Health Care. This should support the ambition to improve healthcare from a more broad perspective.