eHealth methodology guide

An online eHealth methodology guide for selecting a suitable evaluation approach, related to a specific study phase specific.


The ‘eHealth methodology guide’ represents 75 unique evaluation methods, study designs, frameworks, and philosophical approaches (referred to as ‘evaluation approaches’) that can evaluate eHealth solutions in a certain evaluation study phase. Hereby the guide aims to support developers and researchers to choose suitable approaches to evaluate their eHealth solution and to increased awareness that eHealth evaluation contains multiple evaluation phases.

By performing a systematic scoping review and a concept mapping study with eHealth experts, 50 and 48 evaluation methods were identified respectively. 23 methods were described by both studies. Therefore, in total, 50 + 48 – 23 = 75 unique evaluation approaches were identified and aggregated into this ‘eHealth methodology guide’, ordered by the ‘eHealth evaluation cycle’ as represented in below.

How to use this guide?

The guide represents evaluation approaches in all the evaluation study phases. As an evaluator you should first select which evaluation phase of your eHealth solution you want to evaluate. Next, you go through the evaluation approaches of the selected phase and you decided upon the descriptions of the evaluation approaches and belonging references, which method fits your study best.